Cafe Layla



Mizutabako is actually a waterpipe / shisha / hookah which famous also by different names such as Hookah, Shisha, Nargileh, Argileh, glion,..etc.

Waterpipe originally from the middle part of Asia but mostly smoked in Middle East such as Egypt, Syria, Turkey,..etc. and now days it's smoked all over the world.

Our waterpipe is made by the best quality of original tabacco Tar 0 % and Nikoten 0.5% and by specialest of smoking for over than 10 years service and selling waterpipes.

Feel free to enjoy our menu of tabacco flavours which contains all the flavors from all brands such as Alfakher, Nakhla, Al-Waha,...etc besides we offer Bahrini for special requests too, our flavors menu contain:

and we offer mixes of any flavour you prefer too besides, you can choose your favorite alcohol base such as wine, Vodka, rum,..etc instade of the water OR you can choose real fruit head (apple or grapefruits).


Hopefully, you will enjoy our pipe and we will see often around here.