Cafe Layla



Arabic Language Course for Beginners - Tokyo


The course is designed for totally beginners by Mr. Mohannad Alkayem who has been teaching Arabic for over than 9 years in Syria, Dubai and now Japan.

What does this lesson teaches?

1. Arabic language alphabet (read & writing) and vowels of Arabic.

2. Greetings, daily and selfintroduction conversation.

4. Arabic numbers, days, months.

5. simple grammar.

duration: 3 month

Day: Saturday.

Time: will open course if 4 students or more agreed on time. Please contact me to check times. (the recent course opened 07/07/2007 time: 14:30~16:00*).

Lesson duration: 90 min.

60 minutes lesson explanation, 30 minutes question answering and repeating unclear point of the lesson*.

Location: Cafe Layla , 4 min walk away from Kichijoji station - Tokyo ( click here to see the map to Cafe Layla ).

fee: 8000yen a month (including tax,photocopies and tea * ) .


* it's possible to join the lesson, 1 private lesson will be provided to explain the previous missed lessons.

* the lesson might be up to 90min if more explaination needed.

* 1 cup of tea will by provided before the lesson or during the lesson for free.